Concept Neon is your source for commercial and custom neon signage.
Our signs are “hand crafted” to the finest.
Every sign is hand bent, processed and mounted by our experts.

We are offering a large selection of neon signs, to rent or to buy.
We can also restore your existing signs or repair them.

Select from our extensive array of stock neon signs which can be produced in a variety of colors,
or we can help you design a custom neon sign to meet your personal or business needs.
Please have a look at our Gallery to give you an idea of what can be made in neon, the possibilities are endless.

Concept Neon is committed to providing quality products and professional service to businesses and individuals.

Please contact us if you have any questions, to place an order, to rent, to buy or to have your Neon sign serviced.

Over 40 years of combined staff experience